We are that gut feeling you get when something doesn't ring true, that cry of freedom buried under layers of oppression over the years, we are the Unemployed Movement building from the ground up as part of a Worldwide Movement towards a New Dawn in Politics in which we build and create a different type of society.

For far too long we have seen how the mainstream parties hold us in contempt, where they dictate to us the terms of engagement with the elites. The elites then administer and create demons to distract us, it has you hating and self-loathing to deceive all and creates battles like shadows and ghosts to it end, a corrupt system marketed as democracy but hidden behind the veil we become partners in our own demise, hell cooperating with it, helping the elite take total totalitarian power. 

With Welfare issues we see that totalitarian state push people into believing that its privatisation is a good, while the common good goals it was rumoured to have stated under are now seen as bad; we see the likes of Starvation of its peoples promoted as a motivator and in between all of this are distractions, hate and shadow boxing in a fightback that leads nowhere.

 Our New Politics here is not about replacing one despicable leader with another but in giving sustenance and substance to Freedom and Financial Security in a post Industrial age, built on an individualism that stops becoming the dirty stereotype of collectives that realise the real power we hold and building the realisation of a humanistic society that cares for all its people and the planet we live on. 

Make no mistake we realise the Offensive stance we take is dangerous but none less so than the daily starvation or oppression that embraces us today. There is no doubt that while many will share our vision and values, will also be one of the many that will want to put us down as they retreat to nostalgia and false hope of Defensive battles fought under their mainstream banners fighting for crumbs. 

To clarify the starting point in our Offensive does not start from the arguments that mainstream politics, be they left or right wings argue. For us it has to be fully realised what this has become as it exerts confusion and irrationality. 

The Unemployment Movement is not about negotiating away our survival in a country that no longer respects or values its people but about owning our destiny and transforming a culture that has become trapped. The Unemployed history is hidden and not taught in schools for a reason, when we have gained a foothold, Nations government and Elites Trembled. 

The Unemployment Movement does not just accept the unemployed but we do ask that those who aren't are sympathetic to the movement’s objectives. We are not here to re-educate you or awaken any dormant political awareness you may think you have but be warned issues will be discussed passionately. 

Thank You for visiting, Support us and Join us! 

Unemployment Movement Members & Admin Team